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Yeah, I try to remain open-minded to Klaine, and not hate it automatically, but that little bit does not sit well with me. I mean, really? If the emotional hurt didn’t happen, I’d be OK w/ him intiating it b/c of Blaine’s performance. Not after that.

I still wouldn’t be okay with Kurt initiating it - unless we got some character development. Last time sex was discussed in his presence he was so uncomfortable with this topic, it just doesn’t seem in character for me that he starts it. ANYWAY. I’d be okay with Klaine sex if it was well written. It’s a sex between two gay boys at a primetime. Eye-opening scene- or so RIB is trying to colour it.

But now? Especcially that we know- well the ones who read spoilers- what kind of ‘emotional hurt’ we’re talking about. And it’s just not fucking okay for Kurt to put that aside because his boyfriend sings well. What kind of reason is that? Yeah, I get that it’s a review so it’s naturally truncated and may not express what really happens between them, but the way it was worded makes me think that Kurt loses virginity to Blaine because he’s afraid if he won’t, Blaine will get impatient with him and hook up with Sebastian.

Just… fuck. This is the opposite of what I wanted.

And most of all- if RIB want to go the angsty way- that’s fine with me. Add conflict to Klaine. Okay. But don’t fucking try to sell it to us as “cute” and “meaningful”. Because it’s not.

  1. smithie1674 said: I’m not saying that I’d be 100% OK w/ it (probs only 50%), but I wouldn’t bitch about it terribly. But yeah pretty much everything you said, I agree with.
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