daveloveskurt replied to your post: "maybe Dave and Blaine will bond over being gay bashed"

esjsus chRIST when will these people understand that not everything revolves around their fucking bland

never probably

That would be like the worst thing to happen imo, i’m not kidding. If Dave has to suffer through being outed and gay bashed, because writers are not clever enough to come up with other way of redeming him for the audience, then at least PLEASE don’t spoil the ponderosity of this moment with Blarren and his atrocious facial expressions he’ll display trying to act “serious”.

How people can even compare these two and talk about “Blaine’s storyline about being gay bashed” is fucking beyond me. Like, are you seriously telling me, that one throwaway line about being teased and pissed off about it, later on changed to being beaten up, because writers felt like adding some continuity-free blangst, is comparable to a meticulously plotted for two seasons storyline?!

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